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Kennesaw, a family owned operation, has been in business for over 80 years. Our family includes all of our employees since they have all become owner through our company ESOP plan. So when you talk to an employee whether it’s in customer serve or the line operator in the juice factory, you're talking to an owner that is committed to making the highest quality, freshest juices on the planet.

Kennesaw: Committed to Quality

From our Groves to You.

Kennesaw can provide conventional or organic juices, and hand cut fruit salads that are OU Kosher certified.  Small runs or large, brand or private label, we can handle it.

Kennesaw products have been enjoyed mainly in Florida, where the company was founded way back in the 1920’s. Before long, Kennesaw became one of the top independent processors in the country. It didn’t take long for our fresh-squeezed juices and hand-cut fruit salads to catch on with consumers from all over the U.S. and the world – visitors to Florida discovered Kennesaw in restaurants, hotels, supermarket chains, cruise ships and airlines.

Those consumers would often send us letters, asking where they could purchase Kennesaw products in hometowns from Boston to Berlin.

Well, Berlin is still a ways off. But Boston is suddenly as very real possibility. Kennesaw’s new plant has significantly increased our bottling and distributing capacity. That means you now have the CHANCE TO enjoy THE best tasting fruit and juices ever experienced.

What is True Freshness?
While many juices – even premium not-from-concentrates – boast of fresh-squeezed taste, ‘they’re not fresh-squeezed. They’re pasteurized. In other words, they’re cooked! That takes away some of the true juice taste. We do things differently. Our juice is cold-processed – bottled and chilled to 33 degrees as soon as it’s squeezes. That gives the juice a shelf life of up to 17 days from the day of squeezing, while preserving the real juice flavor.

That’s true freshness you can taste. And it’s what you’re have been missing.

What Makes Kennesaw Fresh-Squeezed Juices So Different.
  • No preservatives.
  • 100% All Natural
  • No pasteurization.
  • No fillers.
  • No additives.
  • No sterilized pulp mixed in after extraction.
  • Hand-sorted
  • The best fruit.
Unparalleled food safety standards - meets FDA regulations for Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (sSOP), 5-Log Pathogen Reduction Process, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Plan (HACCP).

When comparing juices from other companies, ask how they compare to these standards. Or compare their taste. Either way, you'll immediately KNOW the difference.

True Freshness
Kennesaw’s products come straight from the extractor. They're absolutely fresh, 100% all natural with no additives, no preservatives and no pasteurization.

Contrary to the advertising by well-known national companies, few of these brands produces a real, fresh-squeezed orange juice. In fact, most competing brands pasteurize or flash-pasteurize their juices to extend shelf life up to 90 days and to compensate for a lesser adherence to good manufacturing practices. Though these companies may market their juice as if it came straight from the orange, only Kennesaw delivers on that promise.

Many other producers call their juices “fresh”, fresh squeezed taste, or they say, “made with fresh oranges” .We would hate to think that anybody WOULD use old or rotten oranges to make juice. Some say they don’t fool around with the juice. Some don’t even squeeze the juice themselves or know that juice from citrus is squeezed not pressed. They can say what they want. The truth is in the taste, note some catch phrase an advertising executive thought up to convince you their product is fresh when it might even be a year or two old!!!??? If the juice doesn’t taste like ours then it probably isn’t “fresh”, or freshly made. It’s probably been fooled around with.

The proof is in the pulp. We know some people don’t like pulp, this is probably because of the way the juice is made with pulp in it. In most processes the pulp is removed and treated separately from the juice and then added back into the juice in the amount needed for the “style of juice” they are making. But the juice comes with it naturally and we say why mess with nature. THE PULP WILL vary through out the year depending on the variety and age of the fruit tree. Our Pulp content varies from some to almost none through out year. Our Juices are freshly squeezed and bottled.

We don’t make “Home Style” or “Grove Style” (and we aren’t quite sure what that really is). We make it in the style Mother Nature intended. From our groves to you.

It is easy to tell the truth, just taste and compare. You will know true freshness after you have tasted Kennesaw’s juices.

Quality Control From Our Grove To Your Glass
The fruit doesn’t hang around the tree for long. Once tested and accepted, the incoming fruit is cleaned and hand-sorted for a zero tolerance cull before extraction.

Additionally, oranges are lab tested onsite and blended according to their acid and sugar content to ensure a fresh, consistent taste. Within one minute of extraction, Kennesaw drops the temperature of its fresh-squeezed orange juice to 33°F. Microbiologically lab tested again, the juice is then packaged and placed into our fleet of refrigerated trucks for rapid delivery.

The whole process moves so quickly, from the tree to the bottle in only a few short days.