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Coke Has a Secret Formula for Orange Juice, Too

The article says it all.  Simply Orange isn't so simple.  Kennesaw is - true never played with fresh orange juice.  Our process is pick it, squeeze it, bottle it and enjoy!   Good juice is really that simple!

Kennesaw pasteurized introduced
After 80 years of being in the citrus business we know that premium quality, and superior flavor can only be achieved with the best raw materials available. We've always used the most advanced processes to assure that our juices are the freshest juices available

We use a unique flash pasteurization process to guarantee that our juice maintains that fresh squeezed taste.

Unlike other companies we only use our own juice that has just been squeezed. Insuring the freshest and highest quality juice available.

We use flash pasteurization to rapidly heat the juice to a high temperature, killing harmful bacteria. Then we quickly cool the juice down. This preserves the nutrients and the flavor of the juice, while extending the shelf life. We .Many other Juice processors use standard pasteurization which requires higher temperatures over longer periods of time. The result often means a product has sacrificed its fresh flavor for a longer shelf life.

To find out more about our pasteurized products call us or e-mail us.