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The fruit
Kennesaw squeezes oranges during all 12 months of the year. There are several varieties grown in Florida each with their own flavor profile. Click here for fruit calendar. There will always be a variation in flavor of the juice, we strive to always make the best tasting juice Mother Nature allows. We do this by sourcing the best fruit and blending it in small batches. We use Florida Fruit year round, but do blend in some California oranges at certain times of the year to ensure a consistent flavor that will be the sweetest, and best tasting juice on market.

January through March: during this time, the mid-season oranges, such as the pineapple Orange, are the main varieties used in our juice. The juice is very aromatic, full body, and has a bright orange color.

March through September: during this time of year, the main variety of orange being used is the Valencia oranges. This is possibly the best juice of the year. It is slightly aromatic, full of body, and the color is a deep dark orange.

October through December: This is perhaps the toughest time of year for Florida processors. The most noticeable change in our juice occurs between these months. This is when the Valencias season ends and the early varieties begin. We try to minimize this change by holding our Valencia's on the tree and in special cold storage facilities to blend with the early oranges during October and November. We also use California Valencia oranges to help maintain color and provide sweetness as the early crop matures and we stop using the Valencias. After the first cold spell when the temperature goes below 50 degrees the Florida Fruit is usually sweet enough to be used on its own. And the cycle begins again.

We are proud of our 100% Fresh Squeezed Juices and think we consistently make the best juice in the world. We believe after sampling our juices you will share our enthusiasm.

The Juice
Here at Kennesaw, we personally select, test for flavor, and type, the fruit to be used in our juice. We guarantee that only the finest fruit is picked fresh from the trees and squeezed. As the juice is extracted, we immediately drop the temperature of the juice to 29°-32°. Our state of the art chilling and sanitation equipment helps with keeping our 100% Fresh Squeezed Juice at its most desirable level of freshness and provides you with the longest shelf life possible.

Kennesaw guarantees product freshness. We are committed to delivering our customers the freshest and finest juice products available. Our commitment to you requires that we squeeze juice only when you place an order. We never inventory juice for a later sale. This process is a little more expensive, but we believe that our customers are worth the investment!

Juice Separation
A natural characteristic of Fresh Squeezed juice is separation of the pulp in the juice. It does not mean the juice is bad. Shaking the juice well will immediately disperse the pulp throughout and is recommended before serving.

A good indication that your juice is Fresh Squeezed is to observe some separation. Technically speaking, Fresh Squeezed juice separates because of the interaction between enzymes in the fruit and the pectin in the juice. When the juice is pasteurized or concentrated, the heat neutralizes enzymes, thus preventing separation. By allowing the enzymes to stay in their natural state, Fresh Squeezed juice tastes great and gives it the "FRESH" taste customers love.

Shelf Life
Fresh squeezed Florida orange juice & grapefruit juice producers are marketing product with coded pull dates of up to 17 days from the date of extraction. Psychological Factors may, in part, account for consumer acceptance of some flavor deterioration in freshly squeezed Florida orange juice and grapefruit juice simply because the consumers are aware the produce is "fresh" and, therefore subject to nature's vulnerability. Dr. Paul Fellers, Florida Department of Citrus research scientist, has extracted juice from Hamlin, Pineapple and Valencia oranges and the packaged the juices in plastic bottles experimentally at the Citrus Research Experimental Center. These packs have shown the following approximate shelf lives for the respective storage temperature: 16 to 22 days at 34°F; 12 to 16 days at 40°F. (*) Dr. Fellers' study shows that the total micro flora count can decrease after 2 weeks storage at 34°F and probably will increase significantly with 1 week at 46°F. This study illustrates the importance of refrigeration temperature and storage time to freshly squeezed Florida orange juice and grapefruit juice and that even at 34°F storage, some consumers may find objectionable off-flavors in the juice after 2 weeks of storage, but most probably would not.

Storage and Distribution
Two important aspects of the fresh squeezed Florida orange juice and grapefruit juice production are storage and distribution. Lack of respect for either of these two factors can destroy the good work in the other preceding areas. Refrigeration is an essential friend of the fresh squeezed Florida orange juice and grapefruit juice operator. Storage temperature are maintained between 28°F to 36°F in the storage areas, and as long as possible in the distribution and marketing chain.

*(Fellers, P.J. 1988, "The shelf life and quality of freshly squeezed, unpasteurized polyethylene-bottled citrus juice." Journal of Food Science. 1988 53(6): 1699-1702.)

The product
Kennesaw offers several choices in products, offering both branded and private-label options for both the small and large customer.

Kennesaw manufactures both conventional and organic juices. and has just introduced a super premium lightly pasteurized fresh squeezed orange juice to complement its other products.

100 percent fresh squeezed juices
  • Orange juice
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Lemonade
  • Tangerine juice- seasonal only
  • Organic orange juice
  • Organic grapefruit juice- seasonal only
  • Other juices available
    • Lemon juice
    • Lime juice
    • Apple juice
Pasteurized juices
New super premium
Some customers have requested a longer shelf life product. So we created the new super premium product to taste as closes to fresh squeezed. We developed a unique process to freshly squeeze the juice then rapidly heat and rapidly chill the juice, doubling the shelf life and still maintaining the high-quality fresh taste. Taste and compare.

The truth is in the taste
  • Super premium orange juice
  • Super premium lemonade
  • Organic super premium orange juice
  • Organic super premium lemonade
  • Blood orange juice

Ambersweet Orange
Tastes like a mild tangerine; easy to peel and section. Excellent source of Vitamin C and fiber, containing more fiber than an English muffin.
Hamlin Orange
Medium size, round to oval, deep yellow to orange color with a smooth, thin peel. Usually seedless. An excellent juice orange.
Navel Orange
Large to extra large, round to oval, deep yellow to orange color. Pebbly, medium thick peel. Usually seedless. Peels and section very easily.
Red Navel Orange
Very sweet; easy to peel and section. Flesh is red-orange and usually seedless. Has more fiber than a serving of raisins.
Pineapple Orange
Medium to large size, round to oval, orange color, pebbly peel. Has some seeds. The Pineapple is acclaimed for its juicy sweetness.
Temple Orange
Medium size, oval shape, deep orange color, sometimes pebbly peel. Few seeds; peels and sections easily. Has a rich flavor and fragrance all its own. Generally regarded as Florida's finest eating orange.
Valencia Orange
Medium to large size, round to oval shape, yellow to orange color (sometimes tinged with green) with a smooth, thin peel. Usually seedless or with only a few seeds. Valencias have orange colored flesh, which is loaded with golden juice of fine rich flavor and aroma.
Orlando Tangelo
Oval to round and medium to large in size. Light to deep orange color. Peel usually pebbly and of medium thickness. A tangerine-grapefruit hybrid, which peels easily and is very juicy.
Minneola Tangelo
Sometimes called a "Honeybell" Tangelo. Medium to very large, round to somewhat bell shaped. Deep orange to red-orange color with smooth to pebbly peel. Few seeds in this tangerine-grapefruit hybrid.
Fallglo Tangerine
Mild taste, sweet and juicy. Easy to peel and section.
Dancy Tangerine
Small to medium size, flat, deep orange or red colored fruit with a smooth, but loose peel. A few seeds. Often called the "zipperskin fruit". Has a rich, sweet flavor with a spicy aroma.
Honey Tangerine
(Murcott) Small to medium size; flat, yellow-orange in color (may be tinged with green or russet). Smooth, easy to peel. Has some seeds. Its rich red flesh is honey sweet and juicy, with a lovely fragrance.
Robinson Tangerine
Medium to large, flat, orange fruit with smooth to pebbly peel. Few seeds. Peels easily and has a rich, sweet flavor.
Sunburst Tangerine
Delightful sweet, rich flavor. Tight skin, easy to peel and section. Skin has a bright, deep orange color.
White Seedless Grapefruit
Medium to large size, usually flattened at both ends. Peel is yellow, smooth and thin. White to amber colored flesh and almost seedless. Easy to section. Excellent flavor and plenty of juice.
Flame Grapefruit
Flavorful, sweet and juicy. Flesh is red in color and usually seedless. Half a Florida grapefruit has more fiber than one cup of popcorn!
Ruby Red Grapefruit
Medium to large size, usually flattened at each end. Smooth yellow peel with areas of pink to red blush. Segments have characteristic pink to reddish tinge. Few seeds.

Seasonal Chart
All seasons approximate - may vary from year to year.

Fruit Salad Gal. 4 700846 52367 32 lb .833 5x12 11 13/16 11 13/16 10 1/8
Gal. 2 700846 52367 16 lb .409 5x24 11 7/8 5 7/8 10 1/8
Orange Sections Gal. 4 700846 52331 32 lb .833 5x12 11 13/16 11 13/16 10 1/8
Gal. 2 700846 52331 16 lb .409 5x24 11 7/8 5 7/8 10 1/8
Grapefruit Sections Gal. 4 700846 52143 32 lb .833 5x12 11 13/16 11 13/16 10 1/8
Gal. 2 700846 52143 16 lb .409 5x24 11 7/8 5 7/8 10 1/8

KENNESAW - Product Information - Fresh Squeezed Juices
Fresh Squeezed (Orange Juice) 16 oz. 12 700846 16173 12 lb .281 7x20 9 3/4 7 6 7/8
32 oz. 8 700846 14372 30 lb .409 5x24 11 7/8 5 7/8 10 1/8
64 oz. 9 700846 13569 36 lb .833 5x12 11 13/16 11 13/16 10 1/8
128 oz. 4 700846 90128 32 lb .833 5x12 11 13/16 11 13/16 10 1/8
Fresh Squeezed (Grapefruit Juice) 16 oz. 12 700846 19236 12 lb .281 7x20 9 3/4 7 6 7/8
32 oz. 8 700846 17192 30 lb .409 5x24 11 7/8 5 7/8 10 1/8
64 oz. 9 700846 72371 36 lb .833 5x12 11 13/16 11 13/16 10 1/8
Fresh Squeezed (Lemonade) 16 oz. 12 700846 72469 12 lb .833 7x20 9 3/4 7 6 7/8
64 oz. 9 700846 72371 36 lb .833 5x12 11 13/16 11 13/16 10 1/8