I found your juice at a local produce supply store here in Lake Worth, FL. This is the best orange juice and makes Tropicana taste like Cool-aid!


Absolutely the best Orange Juice I have ever had!


I had the pleasure of tasting your orange juice while I was on vacation and I would love to find a place locally to buy it – it was the best I ever had – Delicious!

I’m so glad my wife brought home some Kennesaw orange juice from Fresh Market about 1 year ago.  Finally a market product that actually tastes like “fresh squeezed.”   Now Kennesaw orange and strawberry/orange is all I drink in the mornings – the best part of my breakfast!
Bruce C., Your Content Goes Here
One of the things at the top of our list when we return to NY is we miss Kennesaw orange juice.  We couldn’t find a juice that even came close.
Frank G., Your Content Goes Here
My husband and I love your orange juice and used to drink it all the time when we lived in Ft. Lauderdale.
Tasha C., Your Content Goes Here


Founded in 1923, Kennesaw is the destination for fresh squeezed, authentic orange juice and citrus products. Each year we source and pick the freshest fruit and take pride in our gentle squeezing process. Ultimately, bringing you nature in a bottle. 
Our mission is to lead with transparency and create beverages with purpose. Family owned and operated since 1990 our combined years of expertise and the love we share for fresh juice is unprecedented. We set out to make a dent in the citrus juice industry and are on a journey to provide only the freshest product on the market. We juice the finest fruits grown from local groves, keeping mother nature in its purest form.

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