Kennesaw Fruit Juice utilizes H.A.C.C.P – a science based safety system that identifies and includes preventative controls in food production steps where unsafe conditions could occur.

Food and Drug Administration

Kennesaw Fruit Juice is fully compliant with all state and federal regulations governing beverage production including 21 CFR 120—the FDA juice H.A.C.C.P rule.

United States Department of Agriculture

Kennesaw Fruit Juice has inspection provided by the U.S.D.A. Inspector who tests every lot of juice we make.

Validated 5-log system

The Federal Government requires that all fresh juice producers have a 5 log validated system in place to reduce the pertinent microorganisms. Kennesaw first implemented, tested, and independently validated our processes to ensure the system was 5-log capable. After the entire system was validated we added a 1-step process that also provides a 5-log reduction capability. These systems enable Kennesaw to produce a high quality, safe, fresh squeezed juice.

On-site Lab

As part of Kennesaw’s HACCP plan we do continuous testing of our products and processes. Kennesaw has our own on site lab staffed with two Microbiologists. These microbiologists test all of the products and enable Kennesaw to get rapid results. This enables us to respond to all types of issues rapidly, whether it is a safety or quality issue.

Kennesaw also consults with two outside laboratories and has them conduct random sampling and audits to ensure our own lab is accurate.

Kosher Certified

Kennesaw is certified by the Orthodox Union (OU) to meet and Maintain all Kosher certified products.