Source: Forbes

No one can sing ‘Gin & Juice’ like Snoop Dogg, but his Guinness World Record for building the largest gin and juice cocktail was shattered this Sunday in Miami.

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co. bar captured the record by pouring 320 liters of Waterloo No. 9 gin, 160 liters of fruit brandy, 120 liters of orange and grapefruit juices into a cocktail glass that was a converted dunk tank. It was filled with 50-pound, crystal-clear ice cubes, and it was garnished by floating pineapple and orange slices and an actual umbrella. “It was enough gin and juice to fill a six to eight person Jacuzzi,” says Nick Nistico, bar manager.

Sweet Liberty’s late owner John Lermayer came up with the idea of chasing Snoop Dogg’s record. Lermayer had read a story about Snoop Dogg stirring up the largest the largest gin and juice cocktail back in May during the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival. “He said ‘Let’s go after Snoop Doog and beat the record,’” Nistico says. “It was just a simple comment, but then we talked about it more and more.”

Snoop Dogg’s record was 577 liters, and the team at Sweet Liberty decided to aim for 580 liters. Nistico and his staff, who were awarded America’s best bar team early this year by Tales of the Cocktail, decided to definitely go after Snoop Dogg’s record after Lermayer died of a brain aneurysm in June. “We had a tragedy when we lost John along the way, and we thought we should go after this for our three year anniversary,” Nistico says. Read more